Infotechnika LLC video channel

Film No. 1. Retrospective of automats of the Infotechnika group of companies:

Different types of design, separate and embedded models, different interfaces. Year 2019:



Smart vending robot - contactless, interactive user interface, video cameras, presence sensors, year 2015:


Automatic kitchen - restaurants, cafes.. and for home, the year 2018:


Original design - olive oil vending machine, year 2017:





Robotic cleaning of oil sludge:



Robotic cleaning of the bottom of the ship:




Farm robot of the built-in type (ensures the operation of the pharmacy 7/24), year 2014:



Filming of visitors


Rotating drum for flowers, year 2016:


Rotating drum for cakes and chocolate, Astana, Kazakhstan, year 2017:


Old video movies


Rotating drum for sales of flowers and bouquets (floral, toys, sweets, etc.), the year 2015:



On-screen interface




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