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Metaxas & Metaxata
Metaxas & Metaxata

About Greece Language


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Some Greek names:

ANASTASIOS†† †† m†† Greek, Ancient Greek Original Greek form of ANASTASIUS
EVGENIA†† † f†† Greek Modern Greek form of EUGENIA
GEORGIA†† † f†† English, Greek Latinate feminine form of GEORGE
GEORGIOS†† †† m†† Greek, Ancient Greek Greek form of GEORGE
MIKHAEL†† †† m†† Greek, Biblical Greek Greek form of MICHAEL
NICOLAOS†† †† m†† Greek Variant transcription of NIKOLAOS
YORGOS†† †† m†† Greek Variant transcription of YIORGOS


Metaxas : Greece, Russia etc.

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Metaxas & Metaxata